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Patient Testimonials

“As a physician, I knew I would need ankle surgery several years before I was finally pushed to do so. I put off having this done until I could find a provider who I felt had the skill set and who I trusted. I have been very happy with Dr. O’Brien and the outcomes of my surgery. So much so that I refer my patients who have foot and ankle problems to him as well. He has been a huge asset to our community!”

– Dr. Karen Radley

“Dr. O’Brien and his staff are fantastic. They take the time to explain things, and are always so upbeat and helpful. My first bunionectomy went just as planned, and the next is tomorrow. I feel very confident in Dr. O’Brien’s skills and abilities. And he is great with my kids, who come to my appointments with me. All-star service!”

– A. Klunker

“I am a current patient of Dr OBrien. I have a severe case of destructive rheumatoid arthritis , and he has performed surgery on both of my feet. I am so happy that I was referred to him by Dr Randy Delcore.
I am also glad I did not allow a podiatrist to do this surgery.
It was much too complex, and your feet are everything .
My left foot has healed and is straight and looks great, my right foot is 2.5 weeks in, but is also straight and is healing very well and I know beyond a doubt I will be able to walk in it again, which 3 weeks ago/ I didn’t think that would ever be possible again.
I recommend Dr Obrien highly and his assistants and staff as well. Very professional and caring.
Absolutely the best.”

– D. Woollard