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Patient Testimonials

“As a physician, I knew I would need ankle surgery several years before I was finally pushed to do so. I put off having this done until I could find a provider who I felt had the skill set and who I trusted. I have been very happy with Dr. O’Brien and the outcomes of my surgery. So much so that I refer my patients who have foot and ankle problems to him as well. He has been a huge asset to our community!”

– Dr. Karen Radley

“Dr. O’Brien and his staff are fantastic. They take the time to explain things, and are always so upbeat and helpful. My first bunionectomy went just as planned, and the next is tomorrow. I feel very confident in Dr. O’Brien’s skills and abilities. And he is great with my kids, who come to my appointments with me. All-star service!”

– A. Klunker

“I am a current patient of Dr OBrien. I have a severe case of destructive rheumatoid arthritis , and he has performed surgery on both of my feet. I am so happy that I was referred to him by Dr Randy Delcore.
I am also glad I did not allow a podiatrist to do this surgery.
It was much too complex, and your feet are everything .
My left foot has healed and is straight and looks great, my right foot is 2.5 weeks in, but is also straight and is healing very well and I know beyond a doubt I will be able to walk in it again, which 3 weeks ago I didn’t think that would ever be possible again.
I recommend Dr Obrien highly and his assistants and staff as well. Very professional and caring.
Absolutely the best.”

– D. Woollard

“17 years ago I had a sub-talur fusion on my left foot at the University of Washington, Harborview Hospital. I had been suffering with pain for five years and had tried everything but nothing worked. At the time of the fusion it was not a common operation and I was told it may leave me crippled, I was lucky it worked. This last spring I saw Dr. O’Brien to see if my right foot could be fixed. Again I had been suffering way too long. Dr. O’Brien explained how the surgery would work, I asked him when was the last time he’d done this surgery? He replied, yesterday and he said it went fine. My surgery went great and I was up and walking in half the time of my left foot. I have recommended Dr. O’Brien to people who’ve asked about my foot. Every question I’ve had has been answered and explained. Being able to walk again without pain is something I didn’t think possible.”

-K. Coxon

“Dr O’Brien came into our lives through an emergency room accident. He treated both my husband and young son. He was there to provide help for both of them and as they went through surgery and recovery he was always there to offer encouragement. His staff is amazing as well during my sons last visit, some 5 months later, he felt like a rock star as they all were so happy to see him and to see him doing so well. Dr O’Brien is an exceptional surgeon, thanks to him we are all doing great.”

-J. Ramos

“Dr. O’Brien repaired my Achilles Tendon on January 4, 2018 and after a three month rehabilitation, which he told me in advance, I am back living my regular life. I experienced no pain during the entire time for which I am grateful…never took any medications.
Dr. O’Brien’s exceptional knowledge and experience led to my successful surgery and recovery. His staff are knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend him.”

-K. Ackerman

“I came to Dr. O’Brien broken, battered and bruised. After multiple surgeries and doctor visits under my belt he was my last shot at finding any kind of relief. He took the time to listen to my concerns and informed me of every detail pertaining to my injury and surgery. I can now say for the first time in years that I feel pretty wonderful! I still have a ways to go in my recovery, but the pain is nothing like it used to be and I am so grateful for Dr. O’Brien and his staff! Thank You.”

-J. Nelsen

“I suffered for over a year with planters fasciitis. I went to a podiatrist and did everything that was told to me to relieve the pain, including shoe inserts, exercises, and even steroid shots. Nothing seemed to work. Everyone I spoke to said they had planters fasciitis and it went away. Mine didn’t! I was referred to Dr. Obrien by a friend. He and his staff were fantastic right from the start. He took time and listened to me and told me all my options. I went with surgery, since nothing before seemed to worked. He was fantastic. I had no pain right from the start after the surgery and never took even one pain pill. Dr. Obrien and his staff are terrific and I would recommend them to anyone with foot problems. I already have!”

-N. Winters

“I waited for a year and a half after my first appointment to have my bone spur and Achilles tendon surgery. My mistake, as Dr. O’BRIEN corrected my problem in January 2018. Now 5 months later, I am pain free and enjoying my hobbies and active life style. Thanks so much for the great care and skill of Dr. O’BRIEN and his awesome staff. They are wonderful and want the best results possible for healing post surgery. Highly recommend this 5 star office.”

-M. Roper

“I had pain for over a year after a sports injury. I was referred to Dr. Obrien and am so fortunate that I was. His team is great, and the time from initial appointment to surgery was quick. I am now able to play the sports I did before at the level I am accustomed to without the nagging pain. The surgery was successful and his follow-up and genuine concern are unmatched. Thank you so much for your great care and for an awesome experience.”

-J. Schulz

“Unfortunately I suffered for 8 months going to the wrong doctor with an injured Achilles’ tendon. Dr. Obrien did more for me in the first 20 minutes of my appointment than the other Doctor did in 8 months! Dr. Obrien, listened to my complaint, examined my foot, and took x-rays. As he was reading the x-rays he took several different measurements and then explained in great detail what the x-rays showed. He allowed me to ask questions and he answered them in great detail. I needed surgery to fix my Achilles’ tendon. A date for surgery was scheduled and his staff took care of all the paperwork and were very professional. My surgery was a success and my rehabilitation is ahead of schedule.
I am so grateful for the many people who referred Dr. Obrien to me. I have nothing but praise for him. He is an AWESOME Doctor and I would not hesitate referring him to anyone.”

-B. Armstrong

“Dr. O’Brien is tops in my book. He knows what he is doing and is dedicated to healing the patient with concern and a personal medical approach that is so refreshing. Dr. O’Brien has operated on both of my feet and the improvement is amazing. He is a healer and a friend whose only goal is to help the patient to a full recovery and a return to their normal lifestyle. You will not find a better Orthopedic Surgeon, guaranteed.”

-J. Krulic